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History of the Austin Champ

4x4 Combat Vehicle - Designation FV1801

An Austin Champ by Champ Spares (UK) Ltd
An Austin Champ by Champ Spares (UK) Ltd

The Austin Champ was designed by Alex Isigonis (Designer of the Austin Mini Car) at the end of WW2 to meet the requirements of the British Army for a fast attack combat vehicle to replace the American Jeep.

The Austin Champ was built with a 24 volt electrical system and a reliable Rolls Royce designed engine, enabling the vehicle to out-perform all of it's contemporaries with features such as being amphibious in 1.5 metres of water, having superb torsion bar suspension, five forward and reverse gears, giving it a tremendous cross country ability.

Production commenced in 1950 after four years of development and continued until 1955. Approximately 11,000 Austin Champs were manufactured and it is believed that only 1000 of these vehicles survive world-wide.

The Austin Champ was armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher, but was also employed in various other applications such as radio communication's and ambulance vehicle.

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